Skinny Jeans Today

BMX Biker, Garrett Reynolds, Wearing Skinny Jeans While Riding

BMX Biker, Garrett Reynolds, Wearing Skinny Jeans While Riding

Today, the appeal of skinny jeans has reached other industries that have little to do with fashion at all.  While many find skinny jeans to be rather restricting, professional skate borders and BMX bike riders actually prefer sporting skinny jeans due to their stretchy material that accommodates movement and flexibility.  The innovation of alternative denim materials and technical aspects of fashion design have made jeans increasingly more wearable to meet the needs of different lifestyles.  The use of experimental, high-quality fabrics also comes with one major repercussion for consumers-  more expensive price tags.

From the years 2005 to 2007, an explosion of designer denim took place on an international scale. Designer denim brands from around the world (like Cheap Monday, J Brand, Diesel, Sass & Bide, Siwy and True Religion) began producing skinny jeans in large quantities, with each label putting their own unique spin on slim fit denim.

J Brand's Classic Skinny Jeans Featured in Their Spring 2010 Ad Campaign

J Brand's Classic Skinny Jeans Featured in Their Spring 2010 Ad Campaign

A wide variety of denim fits and washes are now available- proving that skinny jeans have come a long way since the standard denim cuts in the 1950’s. Contemporary skinny jean fits/cuts include: “slouch/relaxed skinny”, “cigarette leg”, “ankle skinny”, “slim leg”, “pencil leg” and “super skinny”; while denim washes/treatments range from “acid wash” and white denim to “vintage wash” and neon colored jeans.

With more mainstream retail brands like Levis, Pacific Sun, American Apparel and GAP producing and selling affordable skinny jeans, the skinny jean trend has gained massive appeal in America’s modern retail industry. Today, everyone from children to their hip mothers can be spotted wearing skinny jeans from nation-wide department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s. Music has greatly influenced fashion trends in the past, and this is still the case in 21st century America. Male music artists and celebrities (like Kanye West and Justin Timberlake) can be seen performing in skinny jeans during their music videos and sold out concerts.  With such high-profile celebrities donning slim cut denim, American men have been given the “societal permission” to flaunt these form fitting trousers.  Not only does this indicate the widening of demographics for skinny jean consumers, but it also reveals how Americans are becoming more style-conscious and fashion forward individuals, overall.

Kanye West Donning Skinny Jeans on His Days Off Work

Kanye West donning Skinny Jeans on His Days Off Work

Denim enthusiasts agree that skinny jeans have a slimming effect that lifts one’s bottom and emphasizes natural curves.  Slim cut denim on men was once perceived as too feminine, but today, many feel that men who can pull off skinny jeans are confident, sexy and comfortable with their sexuality.  In general, skinny jeans are an ideal closet staple because they can be dress up or down.  When paired with a button down shirt and blazer, skinny jeans look polished and are perfectly appropriate for a night on the town.  Naturally eclectic, skinny denim compliment one’s mood and have thus, taken over the global fashion industry by storm.


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